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Embark on a feathered adventure through the diverse landscapes of Louisiana, a haven for birdwatchers of all levels. With our interactive map, you'll find yourself soaring alongside pelicans in the vibrant coastal marshes, following the calls of warblers in lush forests, and spotting elusive eagles amongst the towering cypress trees. Let the map be your guide as you explore a state teeming with avian wonders!

Blue Jay by Van Remsen
349 Birds Spotted in this Region
27 Birding Sites

Fun Fact: Louisiana's Central Region is a birder's buffet! Explore Kisatchie National Forest's trails for stunning scenery and birds, or visit Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge to see tens of thousands of ducks, coots, and more! The region even has jungle-like forests teeming with birds.

American Flamingo by Kevin Leigh
468 Birds Spotted in this Region
66 Birding Sites

Fun Fact: Louisiana's coast is a birder's jackpot! Rich food chains due to the mighty Mississippi River create a haven for birds. Spring, fall, and winter bring incredible migrations, with everything from waterfowl to vagrant hummingbirds! Explore New Orleans refuges, follow the Creole Nature Trail, or visit Cajun Country for eagles, rookeries, and Tabasco sauce!

Scarlet Tanager by Vicki Sensat
338 Birds Spotted in this Region
21 Birding Sites

Fun Fact: Northeast Louisiana is a birding bonanza! From piney hills to jungle-like swamps, this region offers incredible diversity. See warblers, woodpeckers, spoonbills, and even rarities like Red-cockaded Woodpeckers! Winter brings massive waterfowl displays at Caney Creek, Chatham Lake, D'Arbonne Lake, and Poverty Point Reservoir. Start your trip at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge for info and hundreds of bird species!

Painted Bunting - Photo by Tom Finnie
380 Birds Spotted in this Region
25 Birding Sites

Birding Tip: For a truly bountiful birding day, consider starting at the Refuge Headquarters Unit in Shreveport and driving south along the river, combining stops at refuge units with stops at lock and dam locations.

Broad-billed hummingbird by Jane Patterson
404 Birds Spotted in this Region
36 Birding Sites

Fun Fact: Louisiana's southeast is a birder's paradise! Built by the mighty Mississippi River, it's a mix of islands, forests, pastures, and swamps, attracting tons of birds for nesting, wintering, and migration. You might even see the elusive Bachman's Sparrow!

Pyrrhuloxia by Dan O'Malley
390 Birds Spotted in this Region
23 Birding Sites

Fun Fact: Want to see rare birds in Louisiana? Head southwest! This region is a birder's paradise with beaches, marshes, prairies, and forests. It's the prime spot for western birds like Painted Redstarts and has the most migrating birds passing through on the northern Gulf Coast in spring.