Scenic and diverse, Lincoln Parish Park sits in the hills near the town of Ruston. It’s a beautiful spot in a hilly forest dominated by pines, oaks, American beech, and sweetgum. A hard-surfaced walking path around the lake creates a highly accessible birding experience. Woodland specialties include Yellow-throated Vireo, White-breasted and Brown-headed Nuthatches, Pine Warblers, and Chipping Sparrows. 

Several piers on the lake provide excellent views of the open water, where ducks and other waterbirds rest during the fall, winter, and spring. Purple Martin, Northern Rough-winged, Tree, and Barn Swallows all cruise the lake in appropriate seasons. Great Blue Heron and Great Egret, both year-round residents on the lake, are joined by Little Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, and Green Heron during the spring, summer, and early fall. 

Neotropical and overwintering (nearctic) songbirds frequent two small ponds and a waterfall flowing into a small creek lined with sapling thickets. Species include Red-eyed and White-eyed Vireos, Wood, and Hermit Thrushes, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and Brown Creepers. 

There is a lake for fishing, paddling year-round, and swimming in the summer. A 1.25-mile walking trail encircles the lake. For the more adventurous, a ten-mile trail is available for hiking, biking, birding, and nature viewing. Additional amenities include picnic areas, playgrounds, event facilities, and a campground with sites ranging from primitive to RV-ready. 

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