From the intersection of Hwys 79 and 2 on the north end of the town of Homer, take Hwy 2 east to access sites along the northern side of the lake. From the town square of Homer, take Hwy 146 to access the southern side of the lake, including Lake Claiborne State Park. To access the dam, continue east on Hwy 146, then turn north on Hwy 518.

Lake Claiborne is a massive reservoir located near Homer. Isolated in a rural area, it is a popular fishing area, and includes a lock for water management and navigation. 

This large reservoir possesses many quiet branches and coves edged with bottomland hardwood and cypress swamp habitats, especially along its eastern and western reaches. The remainder of the surrounding forest is mixed pine-hardwood. During migration months (March-May; August-October), more than 20 species of shorebirds have been recorded around the lake, as well as eight flycatchers, six vireos, six swallows, and over 20 species of warblers. 

There are numerous good birding locations around the lake, and a spotting scope/tripod is strongly recommended for use at all of the lake's overlooks, boat launch piers, and observation decks. 

For the best view into the reservoir, travel on LA Hwy 518 along the eastern side of the lake to the dam/spillway on Spillway Road. Using a spotting scope, the view from the top of the dam is superlative. Between November and March, expect numerous waterbirds here, including 22 recorded waterfowl species, several grebes, American Coot, Common Loon, eight species of gulls and terns, both Double-crested and Neotropic Cormorants, American White Pelican, and more. Additionally, grassy fields and wooded edges hold many sparrows, wrens, and other field and thicket-loving birds, including the Carolina Wren and Chipping, Song, and Swamp Sparrows. About 15 species of sparrows have been recorded here, including some good ones such as Clay-colored, Lark, LeConte's, and Nelson's. This location is the best stop on the lake for winter birding. 

Lake Claiborne State Park, a camping and recreation area, lies on the lake's southern shore. This amenity-filled park offers restrooms, picnic areas, nature trails, boat launches, equipment rental, and a swimming beach. Typical outdoor recreation activities around the lake include fishing, paddling, birding, hiking, swimming, and nature photography. The site is partially handicapped-accessible. 

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