Three miles south of Mansfield, LA, on State Highway 175.

Composed of mature mixed pine-hardwood forest fringed with open park-like landscape, this Civil War battlefield site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While not frequently birded, the site welcomes birders and visitors to birding events. 

Bird habitat through this site's forested and park-like sections is excellent. Walking on the nature trail, you'll encounter several different micro-habitat situations, such as grassy clearings, sapling and vine thickets, and clusters of high cathedral-like canopy formed by tall oaks, hickories, and others. Birding along the maintenance road should pay off nicely too, as the site opens up into a park-like landscape featuring well-spaced old open-grown specimens of pines and hardwoods–perfect for local breeding and wintering songbirds here. 

Species recorded thus far include Mississippi Kite, five species of woodpecker including Pileated, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Hermit Thrush, and Orchard Oriole. Hooded and Pine Warbler have also been recorded. 

Visiting days are Wednesday-Sunday. Amenities include parking, a visitors center, restrooms, water, a comfort station/pavilion, and the General Mouton Nature Trail, which winds through the forest interior. Several intermittent spring-fed creeks and ponds course through the forest as well. Many Offers Programs & Activities are scheduled at the site, including summer theater, nature art, decoy carving, and historical interpretive programs.

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