Joyce WMA is located 5 miles south of Hammond. Access to the interior of the property is limited; there are no roads that lead into the swamp. Several abandoned logging canals enter the area from the west off of U.S. Hwy 51; however, these canals are narrow and travel is limited to pirogues and canoes and only during moderate to high water periods. Access by outboard motor is limited to the upper reaches of Middle and Black Bayous as well as the Tangipahoa River and Bedico Creek. There is a public boat launch on North Pass at U.S. Hwy 51. Other access points include Lee’s Landing and Traino Landing, south of LA Hwy 22. There are self-clearing permit stations throughout the WMA.

For parking area to access the boardwalk: From downtown Ponchatoula, go south on SW Railroad Avenue/ Business 51 for 1.6 miles. Merge onto I-55 south towards New Orleans. After 0.4 miles on the interstate, take exit 22 Frontage Road. Go underneath the freeway and turn right onto Old US 51 towards Manchac. The parking area for the boardwalk will immediately be on the left. To reach the dirt road that allows viewing of the marsh, go underneath the interstate but turn left onto Old US 51. Go 0.2 miles north on Old US 51 and turn right on a dirt road that parallels the railroad. The marsh may be viewed from this area.

Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Tangipahoa River surround Joyce Wildlife Management Area. Much of the WMA is only accessible by water. Nearly 200 bird species have been recorded here. An elevated “Swamp Walk” boardwalk allows visitors to view the swamp interior and observe wildlife and vegetation. Swamp-dwelling waterfowl such as Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Wood Duck, and Hooded Merganser live here.

The boardwalk ends at an overlook of the surrounding shrub marsh. This is a great spot for waterbirds such as King, Virginia, and Sora Rails, Common and Purple Gallinules, and other waterbirds.

The site’s gravel road, located 0.2 miles down old Hwy 51, offers great views of the freshwater marsh. This can be the best place to look for waterfowl such as American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal and Ring-necked Duck. A power line running through the marsh provides an excellent perch for Osprey, Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks, and in fall/winter/spring, Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks and Bald Eagle. Wading birds and allies can be found throughout the area year-round. Recorded species include Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, as well as White and White-faced Ibises.

Joyce WMA is five miles south of Hammond. Access to the property's interior is limited, with no roads leading into the swamp. Several narrow canals, navigable by kayaks and canoes during moderate and high water periods, enter the area west of U.S. Hwy 51. There is a public boat launch on North Pass at U.S. Hwy 51. Other access points include Lee’s Landing and Traino Landing, south of LA Hwy 22.

Amenities are limited to parking, identification signage, and the elevated boardwalk into the swamp. The boardwalk is handicapped-accessible. Primary outdoor recreational activities include hunting, fishing, paddling, and nature photography.

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