The A Maze Ing Trace Nursery & Nature Trails

From Hammond: Head south toward E Thomas St. Follow LA-443 N/Morris Rd and LA-40 E to LA-445 N in Husser 28 min (20.2 mi)

The A Maze Ing Trace Nursery & Trails is a private site open by appointment. Birders will discover it’s worth the effort to call ahead. The area includes a 1.5-mile nature trail running through forests, a cypress swamp, and two ponds. 

Begin birding by scanning the large open field immediately to the left upon entering. Look for Mourning Dove, Eastern Kingbird, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Meadowlark, and Red-winged Blackbird, among others. 

The habitat is mostly a young pine plantation with a dense understory growth of thicket, brambles, and saplings. The thickets are excellent for Gray Catbird, Brown Thrasher, Carolina and House Wrens, White-throated and Swamp Sparrows, Eastern Towhee, and Yellow-breasted Chat. The mature shade trees hold species such as Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker, Great-crested Flycatcher, Blue-headed Vireo, American Goldfinch, and several warbler species, depending on the season. The small cypress swamp and ponds are good for Wood Duck, Pileated Woodpecker, Common Yellowthroat, Orchard Oriole, and Northern Cardinal. 

The trail features a variety of great places for photography, a swinging bridge, prayer garden, waterfall, swamp, cave, and a shack. There is also a wildlife viewing tower. Additional site amenities include restrooms, parking, a commercial plant nursery, and good directional/identification/interpretive signage. Besides birding, recreational opportunities include paddling, hiking, and fishing. The site is partially handicapped accessible. Group tours and field trips are welcome. 

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