From Baton Rouge, take I-10 W across the Mississippi River Bridge. Take exit 153 to merge onto LA-1 N toward Port Allen. Turn right onto Court Street and drive to the Mississippi River levee.

Ferry Landing Park's overlook gives visitors an up close and personal look at the massive dimensions of the lower Mississippi River. It also provides an excellent all-weather spot from which to view local waterbirds. Typical waterfowl species along this section of the river include Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Wood Duck, Blue-winged Teal, and Mallard. 

Other waterbirds of interest recorded here include Ring-billed Gull, Anhinga, American White Pelican, Snowy Egret, Little Blue Heron, White Ibis, Black-crowned Night-Heron, and Roseate Spoonbill. 

The woody vegetation along the river hosts many songbirds–year-round residents, overwintering species, and spring/fall migrants alike. The more interesting species recorded here include Alder and Great-crested Flycatchers, Blue-headed Vireo, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Winter and Marsh Wrens, and House and Purple Finches. Chipping, Field, White-throated, Savannah, Song, and Swamp Sparrows and Dark-eyed Junco have also been recorded at the site. A dozen species of warblers have been recorded here, including Northern Waterthrush, Black-and-white Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Northern Parula, Yellow Warbler, and Wilson's Warbler. 

Located directly across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge parish was settled by French-Acadian immigrants expelled from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for refusing to swear allegiance to the Church of England. These exiled farmers found the rich soils along the west bank of the Mississippi River much to their liking. A ferry was set up to transport their goods and people across the Mississippi. Today, Ferry Landing Park commemorates the old landing. Amenities include parking, restrooms/water, identification/interpretive signage, a covered river overlook, and a hard-surfaced walking path along the river. 

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