Kincaid Lake Dam Area (Recreational Trails)

Kisatchie National Forest’s Kincaid Lake Recreation Complex is located in the Evangeline Unit in the Calcasieu Ranger District. Kincaid Lake, a 2,600-acre reservoir, provides the setting for this development. Local central Louisiana birders often access the reservoir dam by parking at a local restaurant nearby and taking a short hike through the woods to the dam. 

During migration months, the walk through the woods has yielded Yellow-billed and Black-billed Cuckoos, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, several flycatchers and vireos, and over 25 species of warblers. In the winter, the grassy areas, woodland edges, and thickets host several species of wrens and sparrows, along with Gray Catbird and Brown Thrasher. 

Winter and spring and fall migration periods are times to haul out a spotting scope/tripod to view the reservoir from the dam. Over the years, 25 species of geese, ducks, and scoters have been recorded from this single location–including numerous rarities. Likewise, grebes love stopping near the dam, with five species recorded. Eight shorebird species have been recorded from the edge of the dam. Amazingly, eleven species of gulls, terns, and other maritime waterbirds, such as Magnificent Frigatebird, Common Loon, American White and Brown Pelicans have been recorded from this inland site, located deep in Louisiana's interior. 

Kincaid Recreation Area provides many outdoor opportunities, including swimming, picnicking, boating, water skiing, fishing, hiking, and bicycling. It has two modern campgrounds, a primitive camping area, restrooms, and a group picnic area.