Birders who like it wet and wild should wing it over to this large wildlife management area. Conveniently located between Marksville and Bordelonville in Avoyelles parish, 40 percent of the land is covered in bayous, sloughs, ox-bows, lakes, and swamps. All eventually gather together and drain into the Little River. This site is perfect for experienced kayaking/canoeing birders, though birding by foot is easily accessible along Little River Road.

The primary forest type is bottomland hardwood, with diverse tree species. Understory species attractive to birds include deciduous holly, green hawthorn, and rough-leaf dogwood. The entire site is studded with pockets of cypress swamp, and all water areas are densely ringed with bald cypress, black willow, and buttonbush. These forested wetlands support a wide variety of bird life, though relatively few birders work this very wild site. 

Obviously, waterbirds of many species enjoy this site–often in impressive numbers. Species of note recorded here include Common Gallinule, Black-necked Stilt, Anhinga, and Double-crested (fall/winter), and Neotropic (spring/summer) Cormorants.

Spring Bayou has two boat launches that provide good views for wading birds (year-round; best in spring) and waterfowl (fall/winter/spring). Eight species of wading birds have been recorded here, mostly in June.

Besides birding and paddling, additional activities enjoyed at this site include hiking, hunting, fishing, and nature photography.